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KW Hypnotherapy

Clinical hypnotherapist DipHPsych, GHsc D.hyp,BSCH (asc.) GHR reg.Swpp

Sexual Healing through Hypnosis

Service is normally for females only

There seems to be a lot of hang ups about sex. It seems to be okay to see people being brutally murdered on TV but when it comes to sex on TV it is often classed as indecent. This is mainly developed from the Victorian times when barely an ankle could or should be seen. The basic principal from those times have filtered through even into today’s societies. Woman’s feeling towards sex has been suppressed over the last century where men openly show off and talk about sex in a more bravado way. It is only now for both sexes that a more open society has started to develop a more healthy look at sex as what it is.

One of the most pleasurable and intimate of human experiences.

Self pleasure ( masturbation) again has the stigma of being something men do but often frowned upon if a woman does it.

This is totally ridiculous as self pleasure is as important as having a relationship with a consenting partner.

Everybody is different and it is important to learn about your own body and what it likes or dislikes.

As a trained psychosexual hypnotherapist with the Oxford School of Hypnosis I have helped people to re programme the part of their brain that has difficulty and issues around the subject of sex.

Every client is treated with sensitivity and understanding with total confidentiality.

I will help you to break down those inhibitions towards sex allowing you to relax and learn how pleasurable your sexual life really can be.

Whatever your issue is regarding sex I am here to help.

Don’t be a prisoner of your own body, release it and be free to enjoy the most pleasurable experience of your life.

For more details or just a chat call in confidence.

07836 640087



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